Your dues directly fund the work we do for our community.

When you give to the Chicopee Historical Society, your generosity supports:

  • Restorations of culturally significant artifacts and documents
  • Exhibits of past generations' artwork and craftmanship
  • Research into Chicopee's history
  • Materials for educational programs
  • Personalized genealogical research

Our volunteers include both experts and passionate locals

We encourage those with experience in grant-writing, archival work and community organizing to get involved. A love for Chicopee and the stories it has to tell is also enough!

You don't have to live here. Active members are across the Commonwealth and the nation.

Interested? Contact us

Membership Benefits

  • Monthly announcements and newsletters (We won't spam your inbox)
  • Invitations to events and general meetings
  • Membership is valid for one year from the date that dues are received

Our Standing Committees

Members of the Society are eligible to serve on its standing committees. Committees handle the day-to-day operations and interactions of the Society. They also give members with specialized backgrounds or a strong interest in the Society the chance to concentrate their skills in a given area.

The Chairperson of each committee is appointed by the President, with other committee members approved by a committee's respective Chairperson.

Museum Committee

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Committee Members are responsible for receiving, collecting, cataloging, cleaning, repair and storage of historic objects. They are also responsible for arranging exhibits and the correct historic interpretation of these exhibits, as well as upkeep of archives.

The Curator serves as the Chairperson of this committee.

Public Relations Committee

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Committee Members are responsible for publicity, finding ways to publish research studies, for preparing and delivering newsletters to members, and for staging radio and television programs.

Historic Sites Committee

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Committee members are responsible for marking historical sites and arranging historical tours. This committee also offers assistance to individuals seeking information about the history and preservation of historic sites.

Other Committees

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Additional standing committees include the Membership, Projects, and Ways-&-Means Committees. A new committee is being formed to establish procedures for research requests.

Each April, the Board of Directors selects three members to serve on a Nominating Committee. These three members are responsible for making nominations for officers and directors and presenting candidates to be voted upon at the Annual Meeting, held each June, before being dissolved.

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