We believe history is more than black-&-white

We aim to rediscover and preserve the history of Chicopee, Massachusetts.

Our History

The Chicopee Historical Society was founded in 1986 by a group of residents who wished to support those with an interest in genealogy and the city's industrial history. The Society found new life in 2019 when it gained 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

In pursuit of its mission, the Society acquires and preserves artifacts and documents related to the City of Chicopee's history. The Society also presents monthly educational programs.

Board of Directors & By-Laws

Our Board of Directors consists of four officers and six additional board members, all of whom elected by our members at the Annual Public Business Meeting in June. Directors hold monthly meetings from December through February, with additional meetings taking place as needed. More information about how the Society operates can be found in our by-laws.

  • President - Chet Kobierski
  • Vice President - Jacqueline T. Lynch
  • Secretary - Melissa Harms
  • Treasurer - Jennifer Putnam
  • Board - Nancy Kobierski
  • Board - Joseph Pasternak
  • Board - Lori Jerusik
  • Board - Dave Robison
  • Board - Wren Wood
  • Board - Anton Zamachaj


Is the Society related to the Chicopee Historical Commission?

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No. The Chicopee Historical Society is a non-profit that works independent of the local government. The Chicopee Historical Commission is an arm of the local government that handles the city's historical assets and has the authority to recommend new landmarks.

Does the Society own the Edward Bellamy House?

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No. The Edward Bellamy House is owned by the Edward Bellamy Memorial Association, a distinct organization from the Chicopee Historical Society. That said, our two organizations have collaborated and held shared interests since our founding in 1986.

Is the Society accepting donations for its archives?

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Possibly! This depends on the nature of your donation. Send an email to [email protected] describing the nature of your donation. We can't accept everything, but we'd love to talk to you.

You can also write to us at:
Chicopee Historical Society Inc.
P.O. Box 115
Chicopee, MA 01014

Is the Society accepting ideas & volunteers?

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Yes! Do you have an idea for a program or an exhibit? Do you have another skill you think would benefit the Society or support its mission? Email us at [email protected], talk to us on Facebook, or write to us at:
Chicopee Historical Society Inc.
P.O. Box 115
Chicopee, MA 01014

We would love to set up a meeting with you!

Please do not leave donations outside the Edward Bellamy House. They will not be received there.

Fire Station No. 3 (96 Cabot Street), c. 1904-14

Veranus Casino

Yelle Street after Langwald Dam Burst (July 17, 1922)

The Vets Tub (Fire Hand Pump), 1897-1908

Mitchell's Bakery Delivering on Exchange Street

B& MRR Depot as seen from Corner of Prospect & Chicopee Streets, Willimansett

Aldenville Public School in Chicopee Falls

Home overlooking Square where Gen. Arthur MacArthur was born on June 2, 1845

Perkins School, Chicopee Street, Willimansett, MA

Willimansett Public Building, containing Fire Dept., Library, etc. Automobile Fire Truck in foreground

Stevens Arms, Broadway